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Certification Status – List of officials and what they need to do for the 2024 season

Certification Grid – what you need to do in general to certify and remain certified

NOTE TO TEAMS: Please do not send too many officials to training. Each team can only support no more than three Clerks, Starters, and Referees. For Strokes and Turns, you can only train a total of 6 officials per year without inconveniencing other teams.

2023 Training Materials:


USA Officials Briefing (2017)

Referee Checklist

Head Timer Pre-meet Briefing – can be done by Head Timer, Starter, or other person designated by the Referee and/or Meet Director

Prior Meet Director Training (circa 2005)

Relay Dual Confirmation Documents

Meet Cover Sheet for Referees – paper version for meet use

Electronic Meet Cover Sheet

Links for concussion training (just choose one):

High School:

Centers for Disease Control:

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