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Click here for GRAL Officials Training

For training, please click the above link and login. Choose the appropriate class(es). You will need to complete the course to pass, but you can take the quizzes embedded in the courses as many times as you wish. You may want to have a paper and pencil to take notes. When you complete the class, you will receive an email. You DO NOT need to send that email to GRAL as we will receive a copy. Thank you!

Referee Roundtables. ALL Referees must attend one of these: Saturday, 5/21 at 9am OR Monday, 5/23 at 7pm, OR Tuesday 5/24 at 7pm. These meetings are virtual and links have been distributed to officials coordinators and team board reps.

Certification Status – click here for what officials need to do to be certified for 2022 (note that this does not get updated until the start of the season)

Certified Table Workers as of May 2022

Referee Ready for 2022 – updated 5/20

Concussion Class Status – as of 05/11/22

Experienced Officials who can shadow a third walk – will be posted in June 2022

Sample Hosting Team Letter for Parent Rep – note that this is an MSWord document so that you can change it

Training Record – This is what goes on the back of trainee’s cards. Please print this for all trainees and have them use the appropriate one as a training record. Note that trainees MUST pass the test prior to walking or that walk does not count.

Certification Grid – what you need to do to certify

NOTE TO TEAMS: Please do not send too many officials to training. Each team can only support no more than three Clerks, Starters, and Referees. For Strokes and Turns, you can only train a total of 6 officials per year without inconveniencing other teams.

2022 Training Materials:


USA Officials Briefing (2017)

Head Timer Pre-meet Briefing – can be done by Head Timer, Starter, or other person designated by the Referee and/or Meet Director

Prior Meet Director Training (circa 2005)

Relay Dual Confirmation Documents

Meet Cover Sheet for Referees – paper version for meet use

Electronic Meet Cover Sheet

Links for concussion training (just choose one):

High School:

Centers for Disease Control:

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