Officials’ Status – prior to Meet 6 2017
Experienced Officials for 2017 who can shadow a third walk
USA Officials Briefing (2015)
Head Timer Speech
Relay Dual Confirmation Documents
Hosting Team Letter from Parent Rep
Meet Cover Sheet for Referees – paper version for meet use
Electronic Meet Cover Sheet

Note that the testing links cannot be found online.  If you are taking a class, you will receive a link when the class is complete, sent to the email you provided.  If you did not get the link, email  If you are a starter or clerk who only needs to take the test, please contact if you have not yet received the email.
Training Class Attendance – 2017 Season Final
2017 Training Sessions
Officials Certification List – which officials need to be certified for 2017
Certification Grid – what you need to do to certify
NOTE TO TEAMS: Please do not send too many officials to training. Each team can only support no more than three Clerks, Starters, and Referees. For Strokes and Turns, you can only train a total of 6 officials per year without inconveniencing other teams.
Referee Readywant to know which officials on your team are ready to train as refs? The first 2 columns are those who are ready. The third column is those who are close and how many halves they need to work at Strokes & Turns prior to training as Ref. Note: this was pulled automatically and may need to be double checked.

Training Materials:  
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