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2019 Meet 4 Top 50 and Champs Qualifiers

Top 50 – includes 2019 season times only

Champs Qualifiers – as of Meet 4; THESE ARE NOT SEED TIMES (which would include Champs 2018); note these times are in yards as it has all but been determined that Champs will be in yards this year

Champs Seed Times – Includes Champs of last year; THIS MAY INCLUDE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T YET QUALIFIED THIS YEAR; these times are in yards as 2019 Champs is in yards (we are pretty sure)

PLEASE NOTE: Swimmers must qualify for Champs in the 2019 season. A Champs 2018 time does not count for qualification. It only affects the seed time. Please contact if you have any questions.


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